Having produced such great minds as Joey buttofuoco, Joel Rifkin and Peppi Marchello, it’s not as though Long Island needs any help burnishing an intellectual reputation. So with that in mind, it’s really no big deal to announce the venue-challenged New York Islanders have become the first team in the National Hockey League to hook up with their own Official Tattoo Shop.  CNBC’s Darren Rovell attempts to keep a straight face ;

The deal calls for Tattoo Lou’s to set up in the concourse at ten Islanders home games this year. The shop, which has five locations on Long Island, will have two artists and one piercer at those games.

“This is another victory for the tattoo industry,” said Lou Rubino, president of Tattoo Lou’s, whose father opened his first shop in 1958. “Ten years ago, putting a tattoo shop in a mall would have been crazy. Today, we’re going to tattoo fans at hockey games.”

“Our team is thrilled to bring another Long Island institution to the Coliseum, especially one from such a unique industry,” said Justin Johnson, Islanders senior vice president of corporate sponsorships and marketing. “Tattoo Lou’s is an innovative brand with a creative vision. They’re a great fit with out energetic team on the ice and our youthful fan base around Long Island.”

Fans can get their tattoos in a space inside the arena that looks like a penalty box. The minimum cost for a tattoo is $60, but the average price ranges from $160 to $300. Body piercings range from $40 to $60, including the jewelry.