As the Cardinals’ Busch Stadium (above) enters its final days, the edifice’s concrete pillars are being covered with the graffiti of sentimental fans. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dan O’Neil reviews a few notable entries. (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“We Saw The Cubs Loose Here … Many Times”

Don’t know if that is a baseball memory or a reference to a security breach at the Zoo.

“4 Croissants Had A Wonderful Time Here.”

What is a croissant’s idea of a good time? Real butter?

“I Got Sick Right Here, SuperJam ’77, Thanks For the Memories” – followed by – “I Was There Too But I just Took A Nap.”

Little known fact that Beavis and Butthead once lived in St. Louis.


Tom Hanks, we have your soccer ball.

“I Was Kicked Out Twice, Chicago Sucks.”

Dude, wrong building. Savvis is a few blocks west.

Some of the messages are, well, bacterially disturbing: “A Big Wet Kiss Goodbye.” Some were inspiring: “J.R. Moore “Macho Man” Steroid Free Since 1947.” Some are biographical: “I Lost My Tooth On The Way To Busch Stadium, Cory.” Some are promotional: “Don’t Forget To Visit The Bowling Hall Of Fame.” Some are informational: “Matt Is Hot.”

And some are elaborate. For instance, one fan went to great lengths to draw a good likeness of Bake McBride swinging a bat. The “Baker” played in St. Louis from 1973 to 1977, and the detail even included McBride’s signature long sideburns.

Under the drawing was written: “Bake McBride #27.” Actually, McBride wore No. 21 as a Cardinal. Welcome to my world. The good news is a wrecking ball will be making corrections in a few days.

Fun stuff, but no match for the wit and wisdom of the Austin Chili Parlor women’s toilet.