(Murphy’s, Memphis, 9/28)

Melbourne quartet CUNTZ are making their Austin debut tonight at the Mohawk, as they’re in the homestretch of a US tour in support of their amazing 2nd LP, ‘Solid Mates’ (Homeless).   Since I’m no collection agent I won’t say who they’re indebted to, but if you’re the sort of person who has spent far too many hours listening to Grong Grong, Negative Trend, Venom P. Stinger or the U-Men, this is probably right in your wheelhouse.  And if you’re not that sort of person, I’m not sure why I even bother knowing you (especially with your lack of a suitable wheelhouse).  The show is free thanks to a Swedish vodka company,  and given that it isn’t going head to head with the “M*A*S*H” finale or anything, you’ve few excuses not to attend.

Spray Paint are just back from a tour in which they spent a lot of time in tents or starting at mountains and shit. Ask them about it.  Burnt Skull are playing, too.  The Swedish vodka company has yet to explain to me if I’m being paid to DJ in airplane-size bottles of vodka or in Union Carbide Productions records, but I hope when I told them I’d gladly do it for free, they knew I was lying.