Barcelona 1, Liverpool 2 (Champions League, first knockout round)

Full credit to Rafael Benitez, who again demonstrates he can lead a winning side at the Nou Camp…and who’d have thought karaoke-golf would be such fitting preperation for beating the defending champs?

Ian Holloway marked Plymouth’s 3-0 thumping of Colchester last night with continued sneering at the notion Chelsea would soon be making a move for 17 year old Dan Gosling. Though even Ollie must admit, Gosling was awfully good in “The Believer” and even better in “Half Nelson”.

It’s not everyday a former Tottenham trialist’s fantasy of someday owning the club makes the newspapers, but that’s exactly what happened when Steve Nash said something about “it appears to me that Spurs are quite profitable.” Yeah, you’d think, right? Still, I’d rather see Nash invest in a warehouse full of some of Alan Sugar’s crappier gizmos, if only to blow all of them up in some televised spectacle.