From the Birmingham Times’ Adrienne Donnell.

Former NBA basketball great, Charles Barkley and two of his colleagues walked into an On Tap Sports Bar and Grill located on Highway 31 in Hoover to have a couple of drinks on Sunday, January 15. Shortly after sitting down, according to an eyewitness, someone purposely threw a plastic cup at the six foot six NBA legend. Barkley immediately got up and, without hesitation, initiated a physical altercation with a Caucasian male sitting next to the young man who originally threw the cup.

Hoover police were called shortly after, but reportedly no one was severely injured or arrested and no charges were pressed against Barkley. Deputy Chief A.C. Roper of the Hoover Police Department stated to The Birmingham Times that there were many conflicting stories told by eyewitnesses about how the very brief brawl got started. However, all eyewitnesses do agree that Charles Barkley was taunted which resulted in a confrontation.

You’re probably as shocked and dismayed as I am at the poor judgement displayed. What was Craig Sager doing in Birmingham?