Miami F / karaoke enthusiast Shane Battier claims he there’s no one in the NBA who could challenge him at “Jeopardy”.  Bucks F Mike Dunleavy (above) begs to differ, telling Fox Sports’ Chris Thomasson, “He’s a religion major. I’m a history major, and I’ve read a lot of books. I’ve read a lot of stuff.’’  Yes, I’m sure you’re right up there with this guy.

I don’t know if he could beat Duke players,’’ said Dunleavy, a Milwaukee forward who had 16 points and four rebounds to Battier’s no points and seven boards in a 113-106 overtime loss to the Heat. “He probably could beat everybody else. I don’t think he could beat me. … I think what he meant to say is (Battier) can beat any player in the NBA besides any who went to Duke. I think Grant (Hill, also a Duke alum) could give him a run for his money.’’

“Michael knows better,’’ Battier said. “I’m a little disappointed in him saying that. … I’m ready any time, any place. Tell Dunleavy, tell Grant Hill, you know where to find me. Home or away, I don’t care. He’s a smart guy,’’ Battier said of Dunleavy. “He’s bright. He’s not going to get blown out of the water. But where I get him is in culture. Pop culture. Edge: Battier. I have a pulse of the people that most NBA players lack. Grant would be very good, but with pop culture and random factoids, I got him.’’