When Fox Sports’ Bob Klapisch cites “a whispering campaign” regarding the condition of Jason Bay’s knees, perhaps that’s what WEEI’s ferociously unfunny Gerry Callahan was alluding to Friday morning when he joked, “did you hear? Jason Bay’s into kiddie porn.”  Klapisch adds, “a clean bill of health from the Mets™ medical staff is as reassuring as an IOU from Lenny Dykstra”, before giving the newly aquired Amazins’ LF another opportunity to question Peter Gammons’ credibility.

Although Bay is aware of the obvious drawbacks in 2010 ” it™ll be harder to hit home runs at Citi Field than at Fenway, and he™ll have more ground to cover in the gaps ” he says there has been no culture shock in wearing a Mets uniform.

Bay specifically disputes Peter Gammons™ on-air assertion that the slugger stalled in talks with the Mets because he would™ve rather played œin Beirut before moving to Flushing.

œI like Peter; I don™t think he meant anything malicious about it, but what he said was just one more thing that I™ve had to deal with that wasn™t true, Bay said.

œI™m happy with the Mets. I™ve been here less than a week, and it feels like I™ve been part of this team for five months. The atmosphere is great, and I have to say, playing in Boston has prepared me for the media, the market, the team.