The current barrage of college bowls has left this correspondent a little dizzy. When Martha Reeves sang “don’t forget the Motor City”, she probably wasn’t talking about the Motor City Bowl. Though I did forget that Connecticut had a Division 1-A football program, what with the state’s rich history in the sport (Brian “B.D.” Dowling, Giants home games at Yale, exciting touch football games with the extended Bunnybrains clan + Peter Lawford).

If the Rose Bowl is “The Grandaddy Of Them All”, can the Continental Tire Bowl be described as Your Very Unattractive Cousin?

All of that said, I’ve seen few moments in a Garbage Bowl as worth of an out-loud “what the fuck”, as BC kicker Ryan Ohliger turning a fake FG into a 21 yard TD run against North Carolina, just moments after Eagles QB Paul Peterson was hauled off the field with a broken leg. Ohliger — alll 5′ 9″ of him — snuck through the Carolina D like he was running for his life. Which he might’ve been. After BC pissed away something like $13 million in BCS money with their collapse against Syracuse, this was a nice way to finish.