Pro Football Talk calls it Ricky Manning’s “Mel Gibson Moment”, but unless and until he’s willing to apologize to all persons using laptops in public (you never know who might be blogging about his anti-semite, homophobic ass), I remain unmoved. From the Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh.

In an attempt to repair an image he believes has been harmed by “misinformation,” Bears nickel back Ricky Manning Jr. (above) strongly denied Tuesday making racial, ethnic or homophobic comments during an incident in April in Los Angeles.

Manning pleaded no contest last week to a felony-assault charge and a previously sealed Los Angeles County probation report submitted to the judge accused Manning of making derogatory comments he says came from other people at the restaurant.

“At the time of my sentencing, the judge made it perfectly clear to me and all other people present in court on that day that, under California law, had there been any evidence whatsoever that I made these statements, the judge, as a matter of law, would not have been able to accept my plea in this case,” Manning said in a statement released by his agent, Jim Ivler.

“The hateful words that have been reported in this case have no place in our society and it is important to me that everybody understands that I did not, nor would I ever, say them.”