As noted earlier, Cups P Mark Prior is back on the shelf and Ben Schwartz has heard this one before.

From the AP :

Chicago pitcher Mark Prior has a strained right shoulder, and Cubs officials are relieved.

Prior could miss the start of the season but the Cubs had feared something much worse.

“I’m very pleased,” Chicago team trainer Mark O’Neal said of the initial diagnosis. “There’s bad news, extremely bad news, that could come out of it.

Responds Ben,

You mean, “extremely bad news” as opposed to, say, horrifically bad crimes against humanity type news? The Cubs back Prior like their rotation’s “looks good on paper” stats are still winning games. Sooner or later they need to put a pitcher on the mound. This “if we only had our full rotation” excuse is now three years old? Four?

Hopefully Mr. Schwartz can take some solace in today’s item from Mike Kiley, if not Funky 16 Corners’ discovery of the Chicago Cubs Clark St. Band’s “Slide” (mp3) (thanks to Repoz for the link).