The Baltimore Sun’s Rick Maese
profiles aspiring singer/songwriter Randy Lotz, the voice behind “Let Go Of Them O’s.”

As a songwriter, it’s how you vent,” says Randy Lotz. “You turn to writing as a way to release.”

Finally, I’m hearing something. Lotz is a lifelong Orioles fan. He grew up going to Memorial Stadium and can’t believe how far the organization has fallen. He also refuses to believe that fans simply stopped caring.

He’s hardly alone in his opinion. But while most seem content to grumble from their living room couch or grouse on message boards, that wasn’t enough for Lotz.

So he sat down with a pen, a pad and a guitar and wrote a song called “Let Go of Them O’s (Peter Angelos).” The first verse goes like this:

“Way back in 1993, there was this little man

who shrugged his tiny shoulders and said

‘I’ll do as best as I can

but there’s gonna be some things I don’t like, such as managers of the year

and I don’t mind selling my tickets to the Yankee and Red Sox fan

that keeps comin’ here'”

I’m not a music critic, but I think I’ve deciphered the hidden meaning of the song: Peter Angelos = bad.

If Lotz is looking for help packing and shipping his anti-Angelos merchandise (above), he could do worse than call Sidney Ponson. The former O’s hurler / jet-ski enthusiast finds himself with a bit of time on his hands, having been DFA’d by St. Louis yesterday.