(sadly, no babes, Bush masks or dildos in this pic. Could our correspondent be making this up?)

Brian Turner writes

I hope you are following the development of THE LIVING THINGS – the band Scharpling and I saw open for Velvet Revolver at Roseland, leaving both our jaws dropped (especially when the singer yelled at some guy throwing shit “I hope you get drafted”).

1. Single gimmick: bringing out babes wearing Bush masks and dildos on stage to make important political statement.
2. Dreamworks A&R signing them after 3 songs at the Viper Room for being “visceral”.
3. Dreamworks dropping them after repeatedly warning them to stop doing the Bush masks and dildos (allegedly) and then getting hate emails from Dreamworks staffers.
4. Singer shot at and had ribs broken by guys in Dallas for the Bush masks and dildos.
5. Band member ODs *ON STAGE* at CB’s, presumably before they could bring out the Bush masks and dildos.
6. Pissing on Velvet Revolver by saying they didn’t want to open for them because it would have been like “the Clash opening for Kiss.”
7. Band very proud about not having listened to the MC5 and Stooges until they discovered Hole.

Some heavy points going on there – definitely worth watching…