From the Oregonian’s Jason Quick

Trail Blazers guard Sebastian Telfair has been fined by the team, and could face further disciplinary action from the NBA, after a loaded handgun was found on the team™s private jet Saturday at Boston™s Logan Airport.

Telfair, 20, had hidden the Smith & Wesson handgun in a pillow case, but it was discovered during a sweep by Transportation Security Administration personnel as the team prepared to fly from Boston to Toronto, according to TSA spokesperson Jennifer Peppin.

œHe said it was an accident,™™ Peppin said.

The Blazers said the gun is registered in Oregon to Samantha Rodriguez, Telfair™s girlfriend of five years. Telfair, who declined to comment Wednesday morning at the team™s shootaround in Oklahoma City, told team officials that he inadvertently grabbed his girlfriend™s Louis Vuitton handbag, which contained the gun, when the team left Portland on Feb. 7 for its five-game trip.

In all seriousness, massive congratulations to the schmoes working Logan Airport security. Though you weren’t able to prevent box-cutter wielding maniacs from flying a plane into the World Trade Center, you did manage to stop Louis Vuitton-toting Sebastian Telfair.