Newly acquired Bulls F Carlos Boozer is expected to miss 8 weeks of action after fracturing a bone in his right hand last week after suffering an alleged spill over a bag in his home. You don’t have to be Jeff Kent (or Monta Ellis) to doubt Boozer’s account.  By The Horns has gone to the unusual lengths of consulting a medical professional ;

I think people would have had their doubts regardless of whether Boozer reneged on that under-the-table handshake deal with the Cavaliers all those years ago. After all, Boozer is going through a divorce ” and has been since March of 2009 ” which is always stressful. And the way his injury happened just sounds fishy. After hearing the basic details of the injury and having absolutely no background or context whatsoever, a friend and occupational therapist told me: œI deal with that sort of thing all the time. It™s a punching injury. He punched something and broke his hand.

So sure, there™s reasonable doubt and an $75 million contract involved. Of course the Bulls are going to investigate the situation. That™s just due diligence. I mean, imagine you had just bought a $1,000 plasma television. Then imagine you came home and found it was broken, and your children told you it had fallen over all on its own. You™d look into it, right? You™d ask questions. Nobody wants to throw away money. Everybody wants the truth.