From the Associated Press :

-Fears of rowdy fans during the holiday season have led officials to ban alcohol sales at next Monday night’s game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots at Giants Stadium.

Jets spokesman Ron Colangelo said the ban was put in place to protect fans.

“It’s for the safety of our fans, so that they can have a comfortable environment at a time when the holiday season can get very festive,” Colangelo told The Record of Bergen County for Tuesday’s newspapers.

The ban comes after a sometimes violent Nov. 27 Jets-Saints game in which police made nine arrests. In one altercation during the second-half, two fans were stabbed outside of a men’s room. In another incident, a state trooper broke his leg while trying to eject a fan who reportedly threw a beer bottle.

Colangelo should have a future in Jersey politics. “At a time when the holiday season can get very festive” is a nice euphamism for “Jets fans (like the one shown above) have nothing left to live for, many of them are suicidal enough as is, and we’d prefer they not take anyone out with them on the drive home.”