(Klapisch, shown in the middle, flanked by Curtis Sliwa and, uh, I’m not sure who the guy on the far left is. But presumably, this was back in the day when WABC allowed smoking in the studio).

Not since Choke of Negative FX suffered a broken leg at a Minor Threat show on Long Island has there been such an outbreak of Boston vs. NYC violence.  The Journal News’ Peter Abraham sets the scene at the annual media ballgame that took place at Fenway yesterday morning.

We were up 4-0 after knocking around Tony Massarotti of the Herald in the first inning. But our pitching and defense didn™t hold up. Tyler Kepner of the Times hung in until the bottom of the third when assorted defensive mistakes did us in.

Then, believe it or not, we nearly had a brawl with the Boston media. New York reliever Bob Klapisch accidentally hit Boston Spanish radio broadcaster Uri Berenguer in the helmet with a pitch.

Berenguer took Kevin Youkilis-like exception to the pitch and tempers flared on both sides. Boston manager Carl Beane, the Fenway Park PA announcer, had to be held back from attacking a few of our guys. Beane manages the game wearing an entire Red Sox uniform. I kid you not.

I’m not so sure what’s so funny about that. After all, they allow Buddy Bell to manage in a Royals uniform, and nobody wants to see that, either.