It turns out that Barry Bonds had a legit excuse for missing today’s Congressional hearings. The Sultan Of Surly underwent arthoscopic surgery on his right knee for the second time in 2005.

I have no doubt that Bonds ailment is legit and that surgery was necessary. But it is unfortunate that just as the shit is really hitting the fan, Barry will not have the opportunity to lead SF’s million-year-old outfield as the season begins, nor will those covering the Giants every day benefit from Bonds’ wit and wisdom.

(Little Mac, flanked by Rafael Viagra and the GOP’s most powerful Massachusetts representative)

CSPAN has been a poor choices so far today compared to the NCAA basketball tournament, as most of the superstar talent on display have had very little to say, none less than a squirming Mark McGwire whose constant refrain of “I don’t want to talk about the past.” isn’t doing much for his credibilty. Former teammate Jose Canseco, refusing to name names for fear of ending up in the Dade County Jail again, struck a slightly contrite tone, even disavowing the “steriods fucking rule” tone of his recent tell-all. Jose explained that the book took nearly two years to write (!) and he’s come to new conclusions about steroids as of late. Bummer for anyone who took his advice and embraced the possibilities of science, then.