Of St. Louis’ ridiculous 10-9, 11 inning defeat of Texas last night — forcing a 7th game tonight, along with the inevitable “where does this game stand in an all-time ranking of greatest World Series games?” questions,  Joe Posnanski called it ” (an) imperfect game, bloated with mistakes and brain-lock and baffling choices, and then, absurdly, miraculously, it became the most wonderful game I can remember.” And while Posnanski and THE HIGHER POWER HIMSELF took an active interest in last night’s contest, Bugs & Cranks’ Brad Bortone opines, “I’m just disinterested, for no other reason than my own peers — sports journalists.”

We should all be writing about this series like it was bacon-flavored manna, but instead I’m swamped by endless Twitter updates about Robinson Cano’s contract, Big Papi’s desire to move on, and for some reason, a flood of email from New York beat writers about David Wright moving to Philadelphia. Hell, these writers are even pontificating about Albert Pujols’ new destination for 2012 and beyond, and not at all about his 3 HR performance from hours earlier.

How can I possibly maintain interest in baseball, when all everyone wants to do is wonder and speculate about 2012 and future contracts? And how can I care about two teams that wholeheartedly deserve to win, when it seems like all baseball media is focused on the new GM for a team that always loses?

When this Series — one for the ages — is done, it will most likely rapidly fade into the ether, it’s excellence muted by the next round of speculative commentary about contracts, team budgets, lopsided trades and other minutiae.

Just once, I wish we’d all just focus on baseball.