Broncos 27, Patriots 13

And I write “Psuedo-Snake” in deference to another QB that broke hearts all over the Fucksboro, MA once upon a time, Kenny Stabler.

(Denver kicker Todd Sauerbraun forcing a fumble from New England’s Ellis Hobbs on a 2nd quarter kickoff return. Not only is Sauerbraun going to the AFC Championship, but he’s just won a $100 gift certificate for web design services from Billy Cundiff.)

But I digress. Anything to distract from the disappointment of watching New England go turnover crazy (20 of Denver’s 27 points being set up by such gaffes). Now, Mike Shanahan has won just ONE playoff game since John Elway retired, so perhaps we can keep that thread alive for another week.

The AP is reporting that Colts CB Nick Harper is questionable in advance of Sunday’s playoff game against the Steelers after his wife allegedy attacked him with a knife.

The knife (above) is said to be in good condition.