The Dolphins’ Joey Porter visited ESPN’s “NFL Live” tonight and in the wake of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry’s suspensions, expressed contrition for his recent altercation with Levi Jones.

Host Trey Wingo proclaimed Porter “one guy who gets it”, and declared that Roger Goodell’s decisive action had sent a clear message to the league’s workforce.

Not so fast, replied the usually useless Mark Schlereth (above), who wondered if Goodell is so worried about the integrity of the league, where’s the concern for Ted Johnson or the late Mike Webster? “I applaud the commissioner,” insisted Schlereth, “but the league isn’t doing enough to look out for the players.”

To those who think Gene Upshaw’s low profile this week is because Pacman Jones is impossible to defend, well, that’s exactly why he needs defending. Can you imagine Donald Fehr allowing a member of his union to be suspended for a full season prior to a criminal conviction?

Now that Drew Bledsoe is officially retired, hopefully he can find the time to work on a blog that’s actually funny. If you’re wondering what’s my excuse, I’m not retired yet.