There was a mild celebration at Chez CSTB last night over the Rangers going up 2-0 on the Thrashers with yesterday’s 2-1 win at Phillips Arena. But said party paled in comparison to Ryan Hollweg’s pregame ritual prior to Thursday’s series opener (above).

Jason Cohen says of the following missive by the New York Post’s Larry Brooks, “I could live without the Mushnick-like flourish as the end, but Larry Brooks is dead on the money about the double standard (or obliviousness) of it.”

Interesting indeed, isn’t it, that in the same week NBC News dismissed Don Imus for racist and sexist slurs, NBC Sports peacockingly introduced Don Cherry as a contributor to its Stanley Cup telecasts?

Cherry for years has used his Coach’s Corner platform on CBC to routinely and disgracefully defame NHL players of European and French-Canadian descent, and he’s done it loudly and proudly while wrapping himself in the Canadian flag, sometimes literally.

It’s an act that has no place on network television – or anywhere, for that matter.

Shame on NBC.

Not only has Sidearm Delivery done a fine job of covering the dog days of the AHL campaign, but also provides a cautionary tale for those seeking a career in the engraving and/or proof-reading fields.