Though acknowledging “Patriots fans realize that the rest of the country hates this team”, Boston Sports Media’s Bruce Allen is still smarting over a perceived bias on the part of ESPN during last night’s New England/Baltimore MNF broadcast.

The opening bit by Kornheiser on Belichick was simply disgraceful. In another arena, it might’ve been considered slander. While meant to be biting, but a little tongue-in-cheek, Kornheiser delivered his harangue against the Patriots coach with a surprising bitterness.

Did we get any real mention of how pathetically bad losers the Ravens were? Bart Scott completely lost his mind after the Gaffney touchdown, throwing the officials flag into the stands, and having to be held back from going after the official, it was termed a “meltdown” and not criticized beyond that. While I’m not going to doubt the sincerity of Ray Lewis’ feelings for fallen Redskins safety Sean Taylor, I’m curious as to why the ESPN crew only showed the Baltimore side of the Miami connection to Taylor. The Patriots’ Vince Wilfork, unlike Lewis, actually played with Taylor at Miami, and you got very few shots of him throughout the night. Rookie safety Brandon Meriweather also played with Taylor at Miami

I’m still wondering had the Ravens not been jobbed folded down the stretch, would ESPN have cut away to footage of Bob Griese and Mercury Morris dousing themselves in bubbly?