And he’ll have much to offer his students other than advice on how to avoid questions.  With Tony La Genius opting to stay in St. Louis, it’s rumored today that former Cards 1B / andro enthusiast Mark McGwire is debating whether or not to join his old manager as the club’s new hitting coach.  For DanUpBaby of Viva El Birdos, (“ss much as the congressional hearings made me cringe, I would be really excited to see him back on the bench, taking up his role as Slugger Emeritus”) the official announcement cannot come soon enough.

Enigmatically Sized Mac”prepare for a ridiculous muscles-watch campaign for the next several months, unless he’s extremely forthcoming about The Past in the interim (Khalil Greene is already putting together a long-sleeved undershirts care package)”seems to have a serious interest in the mechanics and technique of hitting, and while a player’s skill-set is no guarantee of future baseball enlightenment (Joe Morgan and John Kruk both had 110+ walk years), the McGwire method, which in Matt Holliday’s unsuccessful case required quieting that big leg kick, seems like a disciplined change of pace from Hal McRae, whose philosophy seemed to involve the words “grip” and “rip” and a small thesaurus.

As for the circus”well, let’s let it play out before we work up our best indignant faces. Some sportswriters might see this as a chance to focus a little more on their pet baseball black eye, but some won’t, too; if that’s not your prerogative the best thing to do is just to look at it in your own way, and not focus on dive-bombing the people who would see a Travesty of Baseball Ethics in Albert Pujols taking an aspirin.