From the Associated Press (thanks to Craig Stewart for the link) :

NEW YORK — Burt Reynolds slapped a television producer in the face while a camera was rolling at a movie premiere after the man acknowledged he hadn’t seen Reynolds’ latest film.

The producer was asking Reynolds about his new movie “The Longest Yard” outside the premiere Tuesday night when the actor appeared to become annoyed.

“You don’t know anything about the movie?” Reynolds, 69, asked the producer for CBS News PATH.

The producer acknowledged he hadn’t seen it or the original 1974 version — and then Reynolds smacked him. “What … kind of guy are you?” Reynolds asked.

A spokesman for Reynolds said the actor “playfully tapped (the producer) on the cheek, as if to say, ‘Well, that’s not very nice.’ He was kidding.”

Imagine the destruction that would’ve occured at this event had anyone admitted to Brian Bosworth that they’d not seen any of his old movies, either.