Baseball’s drug testing must be working, otherwise 37 minor leaguers you’ve never heard of (save for Damian Moss and Francisco Cordova) wouldn’t have received 15 game suspensions for violations of policy. A’s farmhand David Castillo, above, was banned for 60 games, which means he must’ve been taking 4 times as many steroids as the other guys. And tons more than Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds, Terminal Sledge or Manny Alexander, none of whom have missed a day of major league playing time from any sort of drug-related penalty.

(UPDATE : if you look over the list of those suspended, with the exception of the Cards’ Paul Fishella, all of the accused are from teams that train in Arizona. So perhaps we can expect a 2nd round of suspensions featuring little-known players from the New York, Boston, Cleveland and Atlanta organizations?)