Well, it all started yesterday. But for the purposes of TV, radio and internet action, today’s the day.

The Mets and Cardinals’ Spring debut is only available via XM today ; Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone writes that Albert Pujols has hit a HR off Juan Perez, Yadier Molina hit one out off Steve Trachsel, and the Mets’ Xavier Nady hit a grand slam in the 2nd inning.

Though an intermitent connection at JFK’s Jet Blue terminal, I managed to catch a few innings of the Braves/Dodgers game, and was heartened to learn that Charlie Steiner thinks Nomar Garciaparra will have no problem adjusting to first base. Nomar must’ve looked awesome fielding the very first ball that was hit to him for Charlie to have lept to such a conclusion, but what better evidence than a routine grounder during the first 30 minutes of spring training?

MLB.com has the Colorado FSN feed of the White Sox/Rockies tilt. As usual for this time of year, there seem to be server problems — and given the massive international interest in Ben Grieve’s latest comeback attempt, I suppose I should be grateful I’m even able to hear the audio.