Washington Capitols owner Ted Leonsis has received his share of CSTB coverage in the past, mostly for a physical confrontation with an angry fan, later for his attempts to curry blogger favor with a lavish desert cart. This past December 23, however, the former AOL executive retreated to cyberspace in an attempt to reason with angry Caps rooters who failed to understand that “we are all in this together (and a quick apology note now would be nice as well)”.

Some folks didn’t reach for their remotes last night and change the channel. Instead they pounded out emails to me with rants, curse words, demands and some pretty basic œhow could you? emails. Trade this guy, fire that guy, sell the team, etc. etc. I received two of these gems moments after the Rangers scored their fourth goal.

I would like to rise above the fray. Be nice. Be positive and enjoy the ride we are on as a team. I understand your passion but it is getting old having to read venom and angst and fury. What I may just do is block you from my email and make sure you are NOT allowed ever to post again on our message boards as well. There is no need for the over the top rants so I am really asking you if you are œtrue long term fans just tone it down a notch.

Be nicer and perhaps don’t hit the send button as much. Would that be too much to ask? Thank you.