NY Post sports media critic Phil Mushnick has for years targeted hip-hop as negative influence, suggesting broadcast partners and franchise owners alike would shudder were they fully aware of the coarse, anti-social lyrical content. Perhaps in recognition of changing times, Phil’s managed to lay off Jay-Z for a while, instead aiming his less-than-laser-like vision at Chance The Rapper. From Sunday’s Post :

Keepin’ it real: Peter Rosenberg, hip-hop hotshot and mostly superfluous addition to YES/ESPN-NY radio’s “The Michael Kay Show,” Wednesday insisted Chance the Rapper would be a great addition to MLB as a paid community “ambassador” for the White Sox. Chance’s work, Rosenberg said, is a wonderful inspiration to young folks.

OK, then he’d have no trouble proving the courage of his conviction. I’ll supply him the lyrics to, say, five Chance recordings — more, if he’d like — starting with, oh, the one that begins, “Ladies loving my music is like some sex s–t. N—-s trying to grip up my mic like it’s my d–k.”

Rosenberg can read those lyrics aloud on the air then again claim Chance meets with his enthusiastic approval as an MLB youth ambassador. And if he won’t — or can’t — explain why.

Up for the challenge, Peter? Or no can do?

If Phil’s challenge to Rosenberg seems familiar, that’s because it’s pretty much the same bullshit gauntlet he laid down to Mike Golic and Kenny Williams a week ago.