Hi Gerard,

I just started helping out on the community side for an NYC startup called TradeSports and was hoping to get some advice from you as we try to find our sea legs. Can’t Stop the Bleeding is pretty sweet and it looks like you’re getting pretty good engagement on your posts.

We’re a mobile second-screen sports app in the fantasy genre that’s premised around a team’s real-time win probability during the game. That chance to win is constantly changing, and we seed that number based on a proprietary algorithm as well as users’ in-app actions.

We think that a crowdsourced and statistically driven win probability that updates during the game is fairly interesting from a content standpoint. But we’re trying to find the most useful and compelling application of this data outside of our game.

Since you understand content and the average sports fan, I was hoping you could offer some advice! Ideally, we’d like to create a community around our blog as well as our game and would love to hear your thoughts on how we might do that. If you’ve got some time and are willing, I’d love to hear your pointers!

Appreciate it.

All the best,
Pat benmarket.com

Dear Pat,

whenever I’m presented with a question regarding a mobile second-screen sports app in the fantasy genre, there’s really only one course of action I can recommend. Have you ever thought about trepenation?