While I have the greatest respect for Roger Clemens’ accomplishments on the mound and the crazed level of intensity he brings to every start, the Rocket routinely gets a free pass from a love struck media. We were recently told by Buster Olney on ESPN News that Clemens was unlikely to insist on a trade given his idillic home life. Just last month, Buster gushed, Clemens attended one son’s high school baseball game, caddied 18 holes of golf for his wife in the afternoon, then went to another son’s ball game, shortly before throwing 7 shutout innings at Minute Maid Park (where, presumably, the offensively challenged Astros — burdened with Roger’s $18 million salary — scored zero runs for him).

Following this week’s amateur draft and the Astros’ decision to draft Clemens’ eldest son, Koby, Olney speculates that the possibility of forming the first ever father-son battery might keep the Rocket running for another few seasons, perhaps putting 400 career victories within reach. Never mind that Koby — committed to the University Of Texas next year as a pitcher —- would have to learn a new position. But hey, as long as the Houston franchise revolves around a 42 year old guy who puts on the uniform once every five days, anything is possible.

I’m still trying to select the most embarrassing factoid following Houston taking 2 of 3 from the Mets this week ;

a) that the Mets were beaten by a team packed with guys (Burke, Quintero, Self) who were toiling their trade in the PCL just a few weeks ago.
b) that New York lost a series to a club with just 4 road victories this season prior to Wednesday night
c) The Astros’ no. 3 hitter last night was Jose Vizcaino.

I’ve read one post-game summary this morning which focused on the lack of run support for Tom Glavine, as well as Carlos Beltran’s error in the 7th which lead to the Astros’ 2nd run of the game. The same article could’ve easily centered on the Mets starter’s inability to retire Brad Ausmus (a career 1 for 36 against Glavine prior to that at bat) later in the same inning, but why pick on Tom? If the Mets can guarantee brother Mike a spot on the 25 man roster, perhaps Glavine will stay active long enough to have a shot at his 280th career win.

(Olney, for whatever it is worth, predicts the Mets will pursue Lyle Overbay, Sean Casey or Adam Dunn and his Sharper Image massage chair).

University Of Texas C Taylor Teagarden (above) was drafted 99th by the Texas Rangers on Tuesday, shortly after putting the Longhorns on his back through a wild trio of consecutive wins in the NCAA regionals over a 24 hour span. Teagarden, considered by some to be amongst the top 20 prospects in the game, was probably available to the Rangers solely because his agent is (who else) Scott Boras.