[Cleveland gets ready for Kerry Wood.]

News that Kerry Wood passed his physical for the Indians should surprise no one.  It’ll be news if he actually recovers from it to pitch by Spring.  Cleveland has officially signed Wood as their closer, with a $20.5 million, two-year deal, and a third $11 million incentive year to follow if Wood finishes 55 games in either of the first two years.  So, all totaled with incentives and options … that’s a $20.5 million, two-year deal.  I’m not sure how a physical guarantees the Indians anything against a man who lands on the Mitchell Report, slips in hot tubs, and develops a month’s worth of untreatable finger blisters in a pennant race, but medical science can do wonders these days.  Is it the injuries, or his inability to heal from them?  Honestly, I’m guessing his Mitchell Report status had more to do with drugs to speed recovery time, not to increase power.

With the ink finally dry on his contract, Wood felt comfortable enough to laugh off the first decade of his career to the AP’s Tom Withers:

Kerry Wood wasn™t concerned the Cleveland Indians would find a red flag in his massive medical records.

He was certain the elbow X-rays, MRI results on his shoulder and confidential documents would meet approval, clearing him to sign his first free-agent contract.

œWith what I™ve gone through and what I™ve come back from, there was no doubt in my mind, Wood said. œI was just worried they would need a dolly or two to get it over to them.

œYou play for 10 years and a lot can happen.

Or in Wood’s case, not.