As you’ve probably heard elsewhere, the Knicks’ pursuit of Steve Nash came up just a bit short earlier today, with the two-time NBA MVP agreeing to a sign-and-trade to the Lakers.  While the move keeps Nash in close proximity to both his family and the Funny Or Die offices, New York fans —-undoubtedly uneasy over Brooklyn’s Marlins-esque ascent to relevancy — might take solace in Tuesday’s signing of free agent swingman James White.

Last seen with with Serie A’s Scavolini Pesaro, White, a prodigious scorer in European competition, has a pretty impressive global rep stemming from dunk competitions, prominent and otherwise.  Comparisons to Charles Smith or Nate Robinson would be inappropriate for a variety of reasons, particular as White is likely to make greater contributions than either.  That’s mostly because Smith is retired, but during a week in which the metropolitan area’s other team is ruling the back pages, I’ve got to take the good news where I can find it. And if some bright young person in the MSG AV Department can make a highlight reel of White’s dunks with “Contort Yourself” as the soundtrack, perhaps this terrible run of luck for the Knickerbockers will have been worth it.