Though the San Diego Union-Tribune is now describing the proposed 4-for-1 swap that would send Padres starter Jake Peavy to the White Sox as “not imminent”, the Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley is already laying out the red carpet for the right-hander (“what a better way to one-up the rival Cubs by getting a deal done for the player that they couldn’t sweep the leg on?”)

Here’s why this makes sense:

–The Sox starting staff – minus any pitcher that has “Buehrle” on the back of his jersey – has been erratic to say the least.
–Adding a player like Peavy in a very weak Central could be enough to give the Sox the most dominating staff in the division. Even if Gavin Floyd continues to slip up, Jose Contreras is making some noise in Class AAA Charlotte.
–During spring training, Williams said that the slashes they made in the payroll in the offseason allowed them to make a significant acquisition during the regular season if there was light at the end of the tunnel as far as a division title. Considering how the rest of the division has played, there’s plenty of light and it’s blinding.
–The company line since manager Ozzie Guillen came aboard has been pitching and defense. The defense isn’t going to improve anytime soon, but Peavy adds a big piece to the pitching department.
–The Sox will be dropping some heavy salaries after this season, including Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye and Jose Contreras – all $10 million and higher. Add reliever Octavio Dotel’s and that’s almost $40 million coming off the books.

Of course, Cowley does go on to mention that a) there’s $59 million guaranteed reasons the generally frugal White Sox might not bite, b) Peavy is supposedly dead set on staying in the National League. So, y’know, never mind.