Julian Cope offers his back-cover blurb to Macca:

…when I heard the other day that the Bunnymen™s Ian McCulloch is writing his autobiography, I nearly shat my undies laughing so hard (good job I don™t wear any!); Ian Mac write a book? A man for whom completing a single song on his own is a struggle of Everest the Hard Way proportions is hardly going to write a book. Ian, I™m speechless at your continued arrogance in the face of no evidence whatsoever. In my opinion, you™ve been a dried-up shell of a husk of a man since just after OCEAN RAIN, so don™t embarrass us all with your ludicrous claims that you™re gonna write an autobiography. Two words¦ No Way. Writing a book involves discipline and hard work, two things you never nailed in the past and never will. As I heard it, you even said in the press that your book will be better than the Bible. Well, in two ways it may well be like the Bible: 1) it™ll be full of half-truths and outright lies, and 2) it™ll have been written by umpteen uncredited writers and you™ll name yourself solely as its author.