OK, that’s not entirely true. There’s no evidence to suggest the outside activities of this blog’s talented contributors have in any fashion become more lucrative in the wake of their CSTB notoriety. But with no money to pay any of the new writers, I’ve got to do something to make it look like this is a useful stepping stone.

I have to admit, I’d never heard of the Sex Positive Journalism Awards, but now that I have, I’m pretty fucking sure Matt Ufford’s never been nominated for one. Our own Jason Cohen, however, is one of 2008’s winners, his July ’07 “There’s Something About Mary’s” (a Portland Monthly profile of a venerable local strip joint) was recognized as a 3rd place finisher.

Not to be outdone, David Roth can be seen at Slate.com, creating a homemade /  econo political ad. You’ve got to admit, he accomplished a ton without once showing a revolving door or mentioning Willie Horton.