As predicted in this space, the only thing stopping the Cubs from going over that cliff the Trib mentioned today was a roadblock called the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers’ season ended with their magic number dropping from 1 with the Cubs win over the Reds (6-0) and the Padre win over the Brewers (6-3). According to ESPN, the Brewers spent 133 days of the 2007 season in first place, essentially seat filling for the Cubs. There are those who cite history as against the Cubs winning the World Series, usually backed up by evidence of a mystical Greek goat and incontrovertible numbers proving that when Billy Corgan sings at Wrigley the Cubs lose. While the Corgan theory holds sway in my house, I also point out that history is definitely against the Cubs ever making the playoffs. So, Cubs 1; History 0. In fact, via CSTB technology, I have preserved the Cubs’ victory for readers of this blog, suitable for printing and framing (pictured).