…was giving David Wells the stop sign as the Sultan Of Sloth rounded third base as David Ortiz singled in the 4th inning. To what extent Wells’ adventures on the basepaths left him too tired to compete far into Boston’s 12-8 defeat of Philadelphia, I can’t say for sure. Brett Myers’ conscience will survive allowing a grand slam to Manny Ramirez, butallowing David Wells to make contact twice, however, that’s gonna haunt the Phillies’ starter to his grave.

Philadelphia managed to claw back from a 7-0 deficit, only to see Rheal Cormier serve up a 2 run shot to Jason Varitek (above), part of Boston’s 4 run 8th inning to seal the deal. After vaulting their way into the NL East race, the Phillies have now dropped 5 of their last 6.