Noting the recent struggles of Jersey’s Vince Carter, Newark Star-Ledger reader DJ wonders “Is he ever going to be the Vince Of Old or are we stuck with Old Vince on a bad wheel?”, while Dave D’Alessandro responds thusly on Wednesday :

I’ve had several people – GMs and coaches – suggest in recent weeks that he’s been in fat-and-happy mode all year since signing his contract. While conceding they know more about human nature than I do in their line of work, I suggested that their observation sounds like something from your average radio show gasbag. Let’s just say his career is in midlife-crisis mode right now, and he’s trying to work his way out of it in what has to be a strange situation for him, playing with a new point guard. But give him this much: He’s running more and playing harder, and good things usually come from that. One of these days we might even see a 14-for-25 game again. And down the road, we hope he remembers one thing from his radiant fellowship with J-Kidd: Once you lose your legs, it’s almost impossible to get them back, so he had better do something drastic this summer to regain their strength.

Did someone say 14-for-25? Carter was a not-so-shabby 17-for-26 tonight (39 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists), as the Nets knocked off the Hawks, 125-117, in a contest that had considerable bearing on both clubs’ chase for the Eastern Conference’s final playoff spot.

Prior to the Celtics putting an end to Houston’s 21 game winning streak, Minnesota owner Glen Taylor’s ill-advised remarks about Kevin Garnett “tanking it” last season received no shortage of criticism, but we’ll let 10,000 Takes have the last word :

We’ve joked a lot on this site about Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor possibly having sniffed way to may chemicals as he made a fortune in the printing business. We’re not sure if our chemical theory is the reason, but after another instance in which Taylor can’t keep his mouth shut in front of the media and embarrassed the organization, we are not joking anymore and wonder if Taylor is all there mentally. It’s either that or Taylor is parroting the corporate line Kevin McHale and the boys are feeding their gullible owner to help take the heat off themselves for looking so foolish the past couple of years as they tanked games to help secure draft picks. First, the allegation just isn’t true. KG shut it down only after it became apparent that the Wolves planned to intentionally tank games to try and retain their draft pick and not be forced to give it up in another bad McHale trade. Second, why would you throw KG under The McHale Express the night of one of the biggest games of the season (Celtics vs. Houston) and allow your franchise to get buried by the national media. On the TNT Pregame Show, Charles Barkley began by saying Taylor didn’t know anything about basketball. Nice opening, Charles. He then went on to say, “If he (Taylor) came in here and kissed me on the ass, I wouldn’t know who he was.” We think we speak for Timberwolves fans everywhere when we say, “wouldn’t it be nice if we had no idea who Taylor was either.”