The brand of trolling typified by Dino Costa’s new morning show on St. Louis’ 590 The Fan will generate few headlines simply because hardly anyone’s listening, though full credit to the neanderthal host, statements like Monday’s claim that Caitlyn Jenner “is a man that likes to play dress-up,” are a rather desperate cry for attention. A slightly more efficient means, given the ease with which comments can be recirculated is Costa’s on again / off again Twitter account, which earlier today featured the astonishing declaration, “women have no place in the world of legitimate sports talk radio. No sexism, simply fact. Well aware that this version of yelling “fire me” in a crowded theater would generate more coverage than anything he’s done since, well, getting called out for plagiarizing actual sports journalists, Bonkers From Yonkers followed up with, “I’m still awaiting the list of women sports talkers across America who are driving revenue and ratings at an astounding clip.” Costa had better hope there are other barometers for legitimacy than driving revenue and ratings because there’s zero evidence he’s generated either during his trash fire of a radio career.

Writing for Dallas’, Andrew Tobolowsky considers Costa’s commentary and replies, “all sexism is done by people who believe they’re only telling the truth. That’s what makes them sexists.”

You know what actually has no place in legitimate sports radio? Or the locker room? Or in America more generally? Anything that makes it harder to be women. Anything. I’m owning my privilege here, I’m a feminist but not a woman, no one’s asked me to speak for them, and god knows women don’t need my defense. I’m speaking because I’m mad, and only because I’m mad. But if you’re like me and you’ve spent the last few years watching street harassment videos and shockingly belligerent snaps from dating apps go viral you hopefully have no choice but to realize that sexism is a sickness that is deep in America’s soul, and all that’s special about Dino is he was dumb enough to say it out loud, without coding it first.

For sexists like you, you think there’s just something women could never understand about male sports and let me tell you I know exactly why you wish that were true. Women in sports are smarter than you, Dino, although from over here that doesn’t look that hard. They’re tougher than you because they’ve had to put up with you and people like you for a very long time. And if there’s any justice in the world, a woman will take your job real soon. There’s no place in this world, this America, for Boys’ Clubs, and the most important reason that’s true is because only little boys want to belong to them.