With all due respect to Alan Partridge, has Jeff Wilpon truly bounced back? That the Mets have won their 5th National League pennant is truly a joyous moment (in this household, anyway), but for fuck’s sake, celebrate the win for the team, the players, the fans….but only those who root for creeps and/or those with goldfish memories believe this triumph gets Jeff Wilpon or father Fred off the hook.

I can deal with pics of a soaking wet Jay Horowitz in my timeline (va va voom). I can maybe even deal with Joe Beningo ejaculating on-air. Jeff Wilpon sucking on a giant champagne bottle, however, is much, too much.

At the same time, while I described Wilpon elsewhere as a charmless Richie Rich (with less baseball acumen), I’ll say this much for him : he doesn’t make me ashamed to be a member of the human race nearly as much as Jim Breuer.