As editor of CSTB and CEO of Cumbucket Media, I’d hope it is understood by one and all that I have a deep, abiding respect for longtime Boston sports TV fixture Bob Lobel (above, right). An encouraging word or two from Lobel when I was a teenager (actually, I think he said “nice to meet you, I’m in a hurry”) may well have been the catalyst for the acclaimed blog that would emerge some, uh, 21 years later.

So with those memories firmly in mind, it is with trepidiation that I share the following notes from Scott’s Shots, suggesting that Mr. Lobel might be making way for a younger model.

Shots has been hearing unconfirmed rumblings of some additional local programming and/or local talent over at 890 AM ESPN Radio Boston. For the second time in as many weeks, the ERBers have made overtures to New York City™s (and ESPN™s) Duke Castiglione (above), Shots has been told by two separate Dukies, aka Friends of Duke.

Castiglione, 32 and a a 1996 Stonehill College is the Big Apple’s rising sports media talent and son of Red Sox voice, Joe Castiglione. Duke has been ascending in both the New York market and on the national scene for the better part of two years. He™s been dissed by a new Yankee (Randy Johnson) and embraced by a newer Yankee (Johnny Damon).

His baseball œsideline work for ESPN led to some post-season bowl action for the net and his morning TV show, trivia shtick (called œStump Duke) on CBS2 in NYC is just the kind of stuff that could spice up local, Beantown radio.

However, it™s unlikely that Castiglione would make a move from the Big Apple for JUST a radio job. He would also need to continue his career on the TV side and Shots has been told that more than a few of the local CBS4 talent-assessors are keen on Duke to either replace or gently shove out, Bob Lobel, who it is believed is still working without a contract.

Lobel can be eased out, given a more John-Henning-of-Sports type of role and you get instant name recognition and legitimacy with a œCastiglione doing the shoving.