Good thing there’s always ticket scalping to fall back on, right?  David Scott of Scott’s Shots notes’s high profile poachings from the Boston Herald (Mike Felger following Rob Bradford’s earlier move) and suggest these nu-media initiatives might leave some of the station’s more cartoony mouthpieces on the outside looking in.

While intrusive laughing, general ignorance and single-mindedness play well on sports talk radio, the effectiveness of our generic, moronic, Meaty Men for use on the website is going to be negligible. Beyond re-packaging the snorts and soundbites of Smerlas (above, left), DeAwful and The Dwarves, it™s not like any of those big, bad, bullies could ever blog or otherwise communicate effectively. Sentence writing, we™re guessing, wasn™t high on the course list at Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

The beauty of what is going to be able to do, is that it won™t have to strictly rely on in-house (non-)talents to fill the web pages. Murphy and Bradford will be able to line up freelancers and gifted souls who aren™t beholden to fart jokes and homophobia. Even if the majority of WEEI™s radio talk isn™t intelligent and barely entertaining, the website has the hope and ability to be both.