If Dirk going nuts over the final 3 minutes against Golden State last night wasn’t thrilling enough for Couch Potato Nation, fear not. The NBA announced yesterday they’ve established an office/presence/whatever within the wildly popular online game Second Life.

Creators of the David Stern avatar (!), Electric Sheep are quite bullish about the project, so much so that their blog includes such charmingly shillish commentary as “this is so awsome I love it. This will make the NBA even more popular, becuase now it is going to get really fun for NBA fans. I can™t wait for this it™s like living in a NBA Live game.”

Indeed, who amongst us wouldn’t prefer the sensory experience of a console game to watching actual basketball?  Other than the part where I get my ass kicked by a 12 year old, that is.

All of that said, I’m not about to sit around and watch those Fanhouse motherfuckers beat me to the punch (again).  I’ll be confirming CSTB’s Second Life participation very shortly, just as soon as all of the paperwork confirming my appearance on “The Simpsons” is sorted.