Claiming the Black President “doesn’t get the calls LeBron gets”, Wizards coach Eddie Jordan is steamed about the whistle swallowing that ensued after King James hopped his way to the winning shot with seconds remaining in Friday’s Game 2 between Cleveland and Washington.  From the Baltimore Sun :

Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said yesterday, what he thinks should have been a traveling call is part of a pattern of James’ getting protection from referees. He said that’s the type of help Washington’s own All-Star, Gilbert Arenas, isn’t receiving in the first-round Eastern Conference series that the Cleveland Cavaliers lead 2-1.

“I’m not going to get fined for saying what’s obvious. Everybody sees it,” Jordan said after practice ahead of today’s Game 4 against the Cavaliers.

“Officials are human, and they see a great move by a great player … or they see a hop-through move that’s a travel, and they say, ‘That’s a great move by a great player, and it’s an exciting move. It’s a great finish. We’ll let it go.’ That’s how I look at it,” Jordan said.