How many more times must Tony La Russa remind his tormentors THE SEASON IS ONLY A WEEK OLD? And now that my caps-lock is fixed, can Joe Maddon and Terry Francona employ a similar excuse? Fox Sports’ B.J. Rains was a witness to the Cardinals skipper’s outpouring of hostility yesterday, following Wednesday’s loss to Pittsburgh.

“For everybody listening out there, do you think I am being unreasonable?” La Russa said. “It’s the first week of the season. I mean I don’t understand this. You are going to tell me that Yadier doesn’t drive in big runs? You going to tell me Albert can’t hit? You going to tell me the second baseman and shortstop havent hit?

“David Freese, you don’t think he’s going to hit? You think Matt is going to hit? You think Colby is going to hit? You think Berkman is going to hit? The answer is no to all those things? I mean did you accomplish your goal? Three or four times you ask so I get excited and get upset. I mean that’s not fair. It really isn’t.”