If you’re gonna use a photograph that I took of Eric Byrnes pretending he’s Bob Probert, please, go right ahead. But the very least you can do is acknowledge where you grabbed it from. If such a common courtesy is completely beyond your limited capabilities, I’m afraid I will have to continue to pay the homeless to beat off on photos of your fiancee.


Suck My Dick Avedon


To the mailbag!

Was just sent the link to your post about the Byrnes photo. You’ll have to forgive me; I took the photo from this site —two weeks ago and credited him then. I did not know that he had taken it from you. My apologies. I’ve updated it in the original post.


I think we have to agree this a stand-up act from a man who earns a living sitting down. And in the spirit of greater harmony, not only shall I refrain from further attempts to bribe those less fortunate into a vulgar act involving an innocent person’s likeness, but said funds will instead be re-directed towards a charitable donation to Avert.org, in honor of St. Louis’ noble efforts to reduce the spread of gonorrhea.