The NY Post’s Steve Dunleavy (above), sadly missing from our TV screens since the glory days of “A Current Affair” says Janet Betzky’s Gambling Jones is No Big Thing….because hockey’s unfixable?

As an old hack, I think this story is quite delicious ” he’s handsome, a spectacular jock, she’s gorgeous, an actress, and flipping the bird to the bookies, to boot.

But the incredible hypocrisy of all this is that you can buy a lotto ticket, you can go to OTB, you can go to Atlantic City, you can go to Las Vegas, you can go to the racetrack and gamble ” if government gets their cut.

While Madam Gretzky may be showing overt and crass consumerism, for crying out loud, it is not criminal unless someone is fixing the game.

You can fix a basketball game ” but try fixing a hockey game.