(what are you gonna do? arrest another blogger for sucking?)

Though the filmography of Sharon Stone is littered with errors in judgement, crap performances and improbable hairstyles, the lady-actress-human is not without her redeeming moments. For example ;

1) Were it not for “Basic Instinct 2”, Stan Collymore’s thespian debut would’ve been straight-to-internet instead of straight-to-video.

2) She was a-ok in “Broken Flowers”

3) Stone took her former husband to the zoo for his birthday. Though things turned out badly, it was a very nice thought.

So there you go. Sharon Stone isn’t all bad. So with that in mind, I was sad to see the following item in The Big Lead regarding Ms. Stone’s purported dalliance with former Laker Rick Fox.

If you ask us, this is a tremendous falloff from Fox™s ex-wife, Vanessa Williams. While Stone™s face may look presentable here, she™s got to be the clubhouse leader in Hollywood when it comes to botox and surgery. We shudder to think what her pussy looks like these days.

I’m sorry, full credit to The Big Lead on being a worthy alternative to reading Deadspin’s guest editor for a day (funny, the Cards win the World Series, but for one Wednesday in October, the rest of us are rewarded), but until the author is ready to put his cock on the block for public inspection, speculation about the condition of Sharon’s snatch is a little unfair.