Hey, if you think I’m a little too proud of that headline, you’re right. Second choice was “DeNiro : Reports Of My Doing Mad Rails With Nails Are Highly Exaggerated”. As you might’ve heard, Lenny Dykstra’s second memoir (the first being 1987’s, “Nails : The Inside Story Of An Amazin’ Season”), “House Of Nails” has no shortage of wild claims, one of the more spectacular being the former Mets/Phillies outfielder’s tale of a St. Barts encounter with Robert DeNiro leading to “powder [bleeping] city.” From Page Six’s Ian “This Cocaine’s” Mohr(ish) :

Dykstra claims of De Niro, “This guy was a pro, dipping his finger in the coke and numbing his gums. I don’t even think he knew who the hell I was. I could tell he wasn’t a sports guy, but he sure liked hitting the slopes with me.”

The ’86 Mets World Series player adds in the book, “The next thing I knew, De Niro took half my blow. We went back to the restaurant, and he sent over a thousand dollar bottle of wine. He did this three nights in a row.” But Dykstra says the friendship was short-lived. “A couple years later, I ran into De Niro at his restaurant in Tribeca .?.?. and went up to him. ‘Hey, remember me?’ I asked. He gave me a look like I was an ugly redheaded stepchild .?.?. Celebrities, man.”

When we reached out to De Niro about the tale, he replied with a one-word comment through his rep: “Bulls?-?-?t.”