“Which end of the defensive radio spectrum will Dennis Miller be moved to…left or right?” asks Baseball Think Factory’s Repoz, no doubt extremely impressed the new hire of the former Outdoor Life Network claims to be “one of the few people who have read every edition of Bill James’ “Baseball Abstract” statistical analysis books.” From the Canadian Press :

“Some people want Jim Rome,” Miller said of the combative sports talk show host. “Some people want me.”

Not that he considers the MNF experiment a negative experience, anyway.

“I was proud of my tenure there,” said Miller, who believes his departure had much more to do with the availability of John Madden than with his own performance.

The new program will in many ways be a sports version of his old HBO talk show, “Dennis Miller Live,” which aired from 1994-2002. A typical one-hour episode will include a monologue, two guests and some phone calls from viewers. Miller also will take a page from “The Daily Show” and use a field reporter.

His scheduled guests for Tuesday’s premiere include Curt Schilling.